US Senate, Court Systems, Government agencies: Make Dog Fighting punishable by up to 20yrs-death depending on severity


Right now, offenders are only getting up to a 5 year sentence for FORCING dogs to fight for their lives and maliciously attack submissive animals for the 'ENJOYMENT' and 'ENTERTAINMENT' of certain people. If the animal does not die during the fight but still loses the heartlessly torture these animals by taping the mouth shut and using them as 'bait dogs' or tying them to a pole or tree in the middle of nowhere until they eventually die of starvation or exposure. As of now the offenders don't really have a severe penalty to face for their heinous acts, so they continue to do it knowing all they will get is a slap on the wrist. To try and STOP dog fighting and abuse once and for all, the law needs to be more strict on the enforcement of theses acts. They need to fear for their lives the way they make animals fear for theirs.